About us

PowerCraft Electronics Pte Ltd is dedicated to provide a complete range of emergency lighting products. We promise high quality, reliable, innovative and technologically advanced products that fully comply to Singapore and European Safety standards for emergency lighting applications. Leveraging on innovative technologies and a wide knowledge of customer's insights, we deliver integrated solutions to ensure that we take care of all our customers' needs and concerns.

Since 2000, PowerCraft Electronics has since established a strong presence in Singapore, and has expanded its reach to the Asia-Pacific region.

We understand the importance of lighting in spaces, especially during emergencies. We thus pride ourselves in being a service oriented company, focused on catering to each customer's individual nees with our wide range of products and flexible manufacturing facilities. On top of that, our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified, meaning that the quality of our products meet statutory and regulatory requirements.


Two fundamental belief of our company are innovation, and having a people-centric approach. Our company is dedicated to producing emergency lighting technologies that are reliable and give our customers a sense of dependability. To ensure this, we have a deep understanding of what people need in stressful situations.

This sets us apart, and make us PowerCraft Electronics.