Standard Range

Ordering Guide

Ordering Code Battery Type Battery Configuration
ECS36/240/4.8/1.6-A NiCd 4.8V 1.6AH Cane
ECS36/240/4.8/1.6-S NiCd 4.8V 1.6AH Side by Side
ECS36/240/4.8/2.5-A NiCd 4.8V 2.5AH Cane
ECS36/240/4.8/4.5-A NiCd 4.8V 4.5AH Cane
ECS36/240/4.8/4.5-A+A NiCd 4.8V 4.5AH Cane + Cane

Our ECS Conversion Kit is Developed to Ensure Safe Evacuation of All Buildings

  • Suitable for T5, T8, CFL and 2D fluorescent lamps
  • Low standby power consumption of < 4.5W
  • Short-circuit protection at battery terminals
  • IC controlled dual rate charging
  • Automatically asctivated in the event of power cuts
  • Offer a good luminous flux to facilitate the evacuation
Mode of Operation Maintained / Non maintained
Lamp Type T5, T8 Fluorescent, 4 Pin CFL and 2D Lamps
Rated Duration 1 Hour / 2 Hours / 3 Hours
Supply Voltage 220 - 240V, 50 - 60Hz
Supply Current 20mA - 35mA
Power Consumption < 4.5W
Trickle Charge 80mA
Battery Charger Dual Rate
Battery Protection Low Battery Voltage Cut-off (Prevents Battery Over Discharge)
Battery Type High Temp Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd)
Charge Monitor LED
Test Facility Momentary test switch
Casing Construction Electro-galvanised steel
Max. Casing Temp, Tc 70°C
Max. Ambient Temp, Ta 50°C
Standards / Compliance IEC 61347-2-7 (SS 490-2-7), SS 563
Project References