Surface Square Emergency Luminaire

Ordering Guide

Maintained Emergency

Ordering Code   Color Temperature
SQ3403KEM On/Off 3000k
SQ3403KEM-MS On/Off Sensor 3000k
SQ3403KEM-SD On/Off Step Dim Sensor 3000k
SQ3404KEM On/Off 4000k
SQ3404KEM-MS On/Off Sensor 4000k
SQ3404KEM-SD On/Off Step Dim Sensor 4000k
SQ3406KEM On/Off 6000k
SQ3406KEM-MS On/Off Sensor 6000k
SQ3406KEM-SD On/Off Step Dim Sensor 6000k

Surface Square Luminaire with high performance LED

  • Moisture resistant, IP65 Square Light ideal for installations in stairwells and walkways
  • Durable polycarbonate body and diffuser
  • Movement sensors available as standard options:
    1) On/Of Sensor
    2) On/Dim 20% Sensor
Mode of Operation Maintained Emergency
Lamp White LED
Mains Supply 220-240 Volts, 50-60Hz
Power Rating 7-25W (Depending on configuration, user selected lamp current)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) >80
Degree of Protection IP 65
Fitting Construction White Polycarbonate body with an opal PC diffuser
Battery High Temperature Nickel Cadmium
Rated Duration 2 Hours
Sensor Optional microwave sensor: On/Off or On/Dim to 20%
Standards / Compliance SS IEC 60598-2-22